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The World in Crisis...

When you begin to become more eco concious and start swapping household and personal products for much better thought out ones. Then you relise how easy, not expensive and the same if not better quality it all is, wishing you had begun doing this much, much sooner. In just a month you begin to see how much less rubbish your are putting in your bin and certainly how reduced the amount of plastic you throw away is!!

So you begin to pass on your new found knowledge and you always get that 'you into that hippie shit' or 'you becoming one of those green mad people chaining yourself to things'???

YAWN! What is wrong with that anyway? why they consider people who give a shit an insukt I will never know.. You can't fix stupid!!!

As a family we are trying our best to become more aware of our impact on the planet and nature. We have always been animal/nature lovers and have always passed anything we no longer need onto a charity. Between me and my fiance we give monthly to quite a few charities and are trying to instill this care on our children in the hope they will grow up caring too. However we begun to see we could do way more and it would not even be that hard or time consuming. So it is a win, win all around, so we began making changes each month and we still are, lots more to learn and start doing.

In the past three months this is what we have achieved so far:

Deodorant bars.

Face wash soap.

Shampoo Bars.

SMOL laundry tablets.

SMOL dish tablets.

ECO/VEGAN face creams in refillable tins.

Hand soap refills.

Eco friendly printer paper.

No more slug killer (lots of veggies been eaten but hey ho)

Growing our own tomatoes, chives, thyme, mint, beetroot (the rest have been munched)

Always wash out recycle rubbish now.

When one of leaves some water we use it on the house plants or on the gardens.

Replaced throw away scourers with washable ones.

Swapped to a new menstrual cup.

Eco washing liquid swap.

Like I said we have lots more to do but we are using up some of the products we have and will then swap them over. It feels so good to be making these changes and I assume the children will grow up and carry it all on. Well I hope so, we can only try and influence these things as best we can. In my other business I sew and make many different things and sell them in my Etsy shop. I am currently learning and swapping to more eco friendly options with the packaging when I post out orders. As long as we are all trying to find out ways to help then that is awesome. We can all do little things to help in whatever way we find suits our lives. Just give it a try for a few months and see what difference you can make.

SMOL products do a free trial offer on their laundry and dishwasher tablets, this is how we got started with them. Now they are posted direct to my door, brilliant and they are so good. When some of our sprays have ran out I think we will be giving theirs a go, we find the price to be cheaper than what we were spending on other products too.

Another thing I have noticed recently is the shops like B and M and Home Bargains are slowly getting some eco friendly options in. I was suprised by this and I hope this increases so more alternative products are available. I just hope that it becomes the norm that most of the products on the shelves are eventually going to be better for the planet and wildlife.

A pet hate of mine right now is the amount of face masks I see outside all over the place!!!! It really bugs me, I know sometimes you can lose the odd one but sadly I think most of what I see is people being lazy!!!

Nature gives us so much towards our mental health and wellbeing, the main thing is without them there would be no planet and no us. So let's all take some time to give back and show our love, the planet and wildlife need us NOW...

You only have to see all the mad weather, floods, melting and disasters going on lately to see that things are not looking great!!!



Tracey x

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