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Our mind medicine.

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Finally our mind medicine has arrived and it is only the last weekend of February. I just hope it stays and we do not get a sudden snow storm or gales called 'Harold' or something. This has been the first weekend of nice weather we have had in months and after checking social media this weekend I can tell it is working wonders for a lot of people. I can hear kids out in their gardens laughing and playing, I can hear drills, saws and other electric devices for home improvements. Whilst I myself did a bit of painting today my fiance took our eldest to the park on his scooter for a bit, he was thrilled and it is great to see him with some colour in his cheeks and to hear an excited pitch in his voice. Although he is now nagging me to check the weather forecast for the coming week, hahahha. Especially since this is his last week being home schooled and then back to a proper classroom!

If I am honest I am really looking forward to some normality and of course a bit of quiet. I am only human, plus I am trying to get my little business going which is tough with everyone at home all the time. We really need to move to a bigger house so we need to get some more £££'s coming in. For now though we are lucky to have a large garden which is South facing so we have plenty of mind medicine available.

This weekend we have begun the garden tidy up, garden bar has been cleaned, bulbs, flowers, soil, hanging baskets have been ordered ready to get planting. So far I have been able to put a new area in our front garden which I have planted bee bombs and put the kids won daffodil bulbs from school in. In the back we have put up some nest boxes, new fence lights, bug hotel and got the bird bath ready. The difference spring time has on us all is amazing, and we need to all appreciate the wildlife that comes along with this that help to keep us balanced and happy. This is natures medicine and there are no side effects from this to dread. Just all beauty, wonder and mood lifting. I have read a great book on this by Emma Mitchell called 'The Wild Remedies', I fully recommend this book. I read this whilst laid up in hospital last August after having a major spinal operation.

One thing I have noticed being out in the fresh air this last two days, I feel really tired, which is another brilliant effect of being out and about in the spring time, especially if you are like me and struggle with the sleep demon!

I think the good weather has come at a crucial time for people here in the UK, madness was beginning to set in.... Now there is lots of banter on social media about the kids going back to school on the 8th March hahahahahaha. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and this is a great thing, so let us all try and do our bit and look after it. Like I always annoyingly say 'it's the simple things'

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

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