Cacao Deo Bar
A 55g bar is £10 and 95g bar is £15.  Will last ages and I woukld have got the bigger one had I known how amazing it is.


Prodcut Information:

The First Natural Deodorant Bar In A Jar

'Our UK made natural deodorant bar provides powerful odour control and is made with cacao butter which is 100% organic. It's free from coconut oil, palm oil, aluminium and fragrance so it is supernatural!'

'Aluminium Free ✓ Fragrance Free ✓ Cruelty Free ✓ Vegan ✓ Coconut Oil Free ✓ Palm Oil Free ✓ 100% Natural Cacao Butter ✓ Gender Neutral ✓'

'We are one of the few natural deodorants on the market that is a coconut oil free formula as well as being palm oil free, aluminium free and fragrance free.'

I recently tested out the Cacao Pow Deo Bar. Like with everything I thought can it be THIS GOOD?

I have used it and WOW I cannot believe how good it is... I am honestly amazed.

I no longer get warm, sticky underarms and NO SMELL at all.  Do not even need to use it every day!! Mad I know...

I am converted and will now be getting my fiance this product too.  NO MORE AEROSOLS for us. A VERY HAPPY ECO-FRIENDLY SWAP.

Recommendations to improve your day.

Author: Emma Mitchell - Around £10

The Wild Remedy Book.

This book is not only a great informative read, it is beautiful to look through. It gives a brilliant insight into the medicinal benefits of flora and fauna.  It spans a year of her life and the changes of the flora and fauna as each month passes and the benefits it brings.  I discovered this book during the first lockdown whilst watching the live streams of Self Isolating Bird Club (SIBC), Emma appeared on this broadcast explaining the science behind all of this. I have a passion for the world and wildife anyway but got my hands quite literally more dirty after reading this book and I completely agree with what Emma has written in her book.  Getting outdoors to see what is there for the taking and the difference it can make to your mental health is facinating.  This book is a must if you find yourself in and out of those dark places.

Bluetooth and cost around £19

Sleep Eye Mask/Headphones

I am sure I am not alone when I say I do not get much sleep or good sleep.  My conditions really effect my sleep due to pain and also my brain not letting up.  I began using a sleep mask and trying to relax myself as much as possible and I found this helped a little but if I lay in silence my brain decides it will keep me busy and will not allow me to go to sleep.  Depserate to find something I came across a sleep mask, that was much more comfortable than my current one which by now looks like I have just got it out of a bin! it also has bluetooth and you can put music on it... SO I thought it is worth a try.  On the odd occassion I have had a treatment at a beauty salon and they play that soothing music and I always think aaaaaa this is sooo nice and relaxing.  Now I put on my music selecting calming music and away I go.  That bit if pressure on my eyes, no light getting in and swishy, washy, floaty music on it truly is lovely and relaxing.  The only down side is when you lay your head on the side they are a smidge bulky but si far that has not woke me up or stopped me getting to sleep.  I honeslty think how we feel not long before going to sleep does effect the quality of our sleep.  The same with my kids I try my best to make sure they are happy and settled before they go to sleep, discuss anything that may be bothering them and try and have some calm time before bedtime.

Eco Warrior Time

If you can access YouTube I fully recommend The Project Diaries, this is a fab and straight forward way to help you get growing your own foods.  This is run by Lee, who also suffers with some health problems and has found Gardening a life saver. Lee makes everything as simple as possible and he is also very eco-friendly too.  Just simply helping care for our planet and wildlife gives us a boost, as we are making a difference all the time.  My family have been following Lee for around a year and have tried a few bits and bobs, which have been succesful and oh my goodness, very tasty.  Lee has not been able to post much recently due to his ongoing health problems but please check out his previous videos and subscribe to his channel and show some support.

Most general shops that sell household or gardening items will have these.  I got one for around £3.

A Grabber

This may seem like an odd one but I bought one after many times thinking no I am not getting that as it is silly.   However like me if you suffer with back problems, fatigue or chronic pain it is a game changer....  I use this all the time.  In the garden it has been a life saver, been able to pic up and move all kinds without as much strain and pressure, therefore less pain.  Same inside the house when picking up after the children!!  I really wish I had got one way back when I first considered it.  So go GRAB (sorry poor pun) one next time you go out to the shop.

SIBC (Self Isolating Bird Club)

This is a group on facebook that was started up by Chris Packham/Megan McCubbin and Co.  It came about due to the original lockdown, if you love your wildlife this is a great group and they do regular live streams.  During the first lockdown they did a broadcast every morning Monday to Friday.  Oh and it is not just always about birds, it is more like wildlife in general.  You can still watch the old live streams they did and they still have a weekly broadcast.  I know for me it was the difference between doing great and crumbling.  I was going through a lot during the first lockdown and this group kept me up and still smiling.  Various people come on to do segments covering a vast amount of wildlife and nature topics.  This is how I discovered The Wild Remedy Book and I am waiting on my Back to Nature book as we speak which is a book by Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin that has come about because of the SIBC.  I will let you know what I think once I have read it. So many great ideas to enable you to get connect with the nature on your doorstep.  It really does help your mental well being.  Give it a try, get involved and join in. I hope you enjoy it, I love it.

30 Days Wild

This is a challenge that the World Wildlife Trust puts on in June of each year with the hope you will continue it as much as possible throughout the year.  Me and my family took part for the first time last year and it was great, it is a really fun challenge to do with the kids whilst also teaching them about the importance of wildlife and what fun it can be to be more eco conscious.  If you go to the website you fill in your details and you can either download your pack and print it out or you can get it posted out to you.  You can do whatever WILD things you want and then write it down on your chart each day, they even send you a certificate to print out when you have completed the challenge.  We made a bee bath, put up a bat box, a washing up bowl pond in our garden and loads more. I have sent for our pack as we are taking part again this year.  We are really looking forward to it, plus it gets us all away from the screens for a bit, hahahaha.  After completing last years 30 Days Wild I got the book 365 Days Wild.  Great book on what we can do all year round to help the wildlife and be eco-friendly.  Are you going to take the challenge?

beeecofriendly blog.jpg

Bee Eco Friendly

This is a fab store on Etsy that has eco-friendly greetings cards beeswax and vegan strips, reusable cotton products, DIY kits and gifts sets.

Please go over and have a nosey and a shop:

Give them a follow on Instagram too:

little green bean blog.png

Little Green Bean

Please take some time and have a look over at Little Green Bean:

This page has a lot of brilliant information, advice, tips and all things eco. 

I highly recommend giving this instagram account a follow.

Doing a bit to help our lovely planet

I have recently discovered an app called TreeApp.  It is an app that means you can plant a tree a day for free and if you want to you can pay a £1 to plant another tree.  You basically watch an advert scroll, usually 3 clicks and then you can plant a tree at the end.  As they only have so many trees they can plant there are days when they have been used up for the day.  This is funded by the companys that advertise through the app.  You can see your progress, the difference you have made and where they are being planted.  Please take a look and see if it something you would consider using.  Thanks Tracey x


Self Care Swaps

A couple of new ones we have been trying and loving.

I finally took the plunge and ordered a way more eco friendly saftey razor.  It cost me £15.99 and it came with 10 blades.  All I can say is I WISH I HAD DONE THIS AGES AGO.  I get a well closer shave, no dragging and days later my legs do not seem to feel so prickly (which is fab).  My fiance is now going to give this a try on his face so I will see what he thinks. 

We have also changed our exfoliating scrub to this Mint Buff, again love it.  Face feels debris free, feels lovely and zingy when you use it and the smell is fab and even clears the nostrils when you use it.

Both are KEEPERS!

Both items purchased from My Little Eco Shop - Click link below.


Let's talk deodorant

There are now many eco friendly swaps available.

Me and my Fiance have tried both these products now.  They are both great products and are both way better for our planet.

Let us start with WILD - great and easy to use roll on, refills are very easy and cost effective.  You can set up a subscription for these too and refer a friend and you get money off and they get a good set up deal.  This like old unfriendly deos need to be applied every day.  They smell really good and there is a variety on offer as well as styles of cases.

Cacao - This one is great, more fiddly to use so if your hands are not great this could be an issue.  They now have a few different scents available now too.  The one main advantage to this one is you do not need to apply it everyday.  It has a strong formula so it is not recommended to use it daily and it does work. It comes in a glass jar and a block lasts months!

So overall we prefer things in both of them and would love to have them all in one.

We have our WILD ones in use at the moment and 3 refills.  Once we have gotten to the end of those I will put a futher update on with our final decision on which we have decided to stick with.


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