Why Eco-Friendly?

I think it is clear now more than ever that we need to start getting serious about our choices.  The planet and it's wildlife are crying out and letting us know it is in crisis.  The wildlife and our planet help us daily with our mental health and wellbeing.  So maybe we should return the favour.  Even if you can only help a little it is still worth you helping.  Lots of little changes make a big difference.  I hope to give you ideas and recommendations from the products me and my family try.  Please read and thank you x


Product trials and More

Me and my family will be your testers and knowledge finders.

So me and my family are learning and aiming to become as eco-friendly as we possibly can.  I will also use this space to put any useful information I find, petitions to sign and that sort of thing.  So do check back from time to time.

As we get to the end of our current products we have in our home we will be trying out eco-friendly, cruelty free, palm oil free etc... products.  Every time we try a product I will put our thoughts into a review for you to read and see what you think and hopefully find products you will change to yourselves.

We really do need to all make a change to our behaviours even if it can only be a small change, it is still important.  So please give some alternative products a go.


Tracey x

Trees From Above


What do you think?

There is a Facebook page called Eco Bricks UK. You will find this link on there: https://www.ecobricks.org/how/?fbclid=IwAR2jMbIULvNsz1wc36DWj_X1eKTZImAUNYR6S6T9rSy1bigXp3Ic7Ho7Yoo 

This website tells you all you need to know about eco-bricks and how to make one. 

The idea being that plastics we cannot recyle we make into eco bricks and use them to build structures with. 

What do you think about this idea?

Do you think it is a good idea?

Would you consider doing it yourself?

I only recently discoverd this was a thing, so I have been looking into it to see if this is something me and my family would like to begin doing.

I would love to know what you think? 

Deep Sea Mining

Please sign the petition on their website.

Taken from Greenpeace UK website: www.greenpeace.org.uk/news/the-government-secret-deep-sea-mining-licences/

The UK government has been talking all the talk when it comes to protecting the oceans. They are self-proclaimed ocean champions and they have dubbed 2021 to be a “Marine Super Year”. 

Behind the scenes though we’ve discovered that they have some rather dodgy contracts with a dangerous emerging industry – deep sea mining. 

Unfortunately you’re not dreaming, it’s not the year 3500 and the world isn’t run by evil robots.

Yes, there’s a whole industry that wants to mine the seafloor, and they’re already sending multi-tonne machinery down to the bottom of the ocean. 

This is a huge problem and I dread the thought of this becoming more prolific.  The impact will be catostrophic!! Please go to their website and have a read about it and even better sign up for email updates. Thanks Tracey x

From Greenpeace UK website:

It’s as if the government wants these licences kept a secret

Campaigners were trying to get their hands on these licences through the Freedom of Information requests (FOI) for nearly two years. Each time the UK government denied these requests, with the licences only being released by Lockheed Martin in March 2021.

Back in March 2020 the UK government said it has “not agreed to sponsor or support … any exploitation licences for deep sea mining projects until there is sufficient evidence”. Well that’s awkward… because the terms of these documents suggest they clearly have.

For nearly a decade our government has kept these licences hidden away from the reach of any public scrutiny and it’s clear why. 

It’s time to bring this dodgy dealing out of the dark depths and into the public eye. These licences simply aren’t compatible with the government’s claims to be a global ocean champion. Ocean champions focus on conservation and protection, not further exploitation. 

We must ACT NOW.....

Recycling Bottles

Let's talk about plastic.

There are two types of plastic:

Thermoset - this cannot be recycled.

Thermoplastics - these can be re-melted and re-molded.

Some plastics can only be recycled 2-3 times before it is no longer stabke enough to be used.  However, glass, aluminium and metal can be recyled infinetly.

Less than 10% of plastic actullay gers recycled - shocking I know.  When you put it in your recycle bin and you think job done sadly this is far from the truth.

I think one of the big problems is most people do not wash out the rubbish they put in their recyle bins, if there is any trace of food on the items they are considered contaminated and cannot be recycled.  So please wash out your tins, bottles etc...

There is also a number on the underneath of plastic items to indicate how recyclable something is. DID YOU KNOW THIS? I DID NOT?

This is a recycle score #1-7 with the recycle logo by it.

To make it easy the lower the number the better it is to recycle. 

Generally aiming for #1.  When you buy something plastic check underneath for the number and see what score it has, I will be doing this myself from now on and encouraging my family to do the same.


Over 2 million tonnes of plastic packaging are used in the UK each year.

88% of the sea's surface is polluted by plastic waste!!!!!

Between 8-14 million tonnes enters our oceans every year!!

Britain contributes an estimated 1.7 million tonnes of plastic annually!!!!


I hope this information has been useful and you can help spread the word and help us to sort out what is happening.


Tracey x

Children Cleaning Beach

Time for change

We can all make small changes which will add up to big results.

Another important side of this is education.

An example of this is how many of us understand all the symbols for recycling?  Until recently I wasn't too sure and even now I have to check. 


This needs rolling out in schools and make it so that we know it with certainty.  I feel that people just throw stuff in the bin because they don't know or put it in the recycle bin completely unaware if it is recyclable or not.

I know there are many schools now do focus on being eco-friendly and teach important facts.

It is the life skills knowledge that is missing.  The day to day stuff that may seem dull but is important. 

If your children are like mine, they use up there listening tokens at school and have none left for home! Hahahaha

Click button below for some ideas for fun eco-friendly things to do with the family.

Recycling in the Classroom
Green Buildings

Understanding all the symbols. 

How many did you know? 

Most of the people I have asked had not much prior knowledge at all of this, including myself!

I find it crazy that this is the case when so  much help is needed.