Family Activities

no screens allowed

So there are lots of relatively simple things we can all do to help ourselves and the world around us.  These activities can be done alone or with the whole family.  Getting us all away from our screens for a while can only be a good thing right?  Below are some projects that myself and my family have been doing together and helps us to all stay positive and ease some of the day to day stresses we all have.


Grow Your Own

pay back for hard your work

Wild Flowers

Help Save The Bees

WE need them too

Swooping Bat

Build Them Homes

Help Them To Help Us


Wild Adventures

Get wild with the family

Screenshot_2021-05-10 Wild Challenge Fam


The RSPB have set up a free Wild Challenge that you can do alone or as a family.  Once you are signed up you can click on each of the challenges you want to complete.  There is a Bronze, Silver and Gold to be won.  I have signed my family up to this and will be taking part, it does have some similar elements to it as 30 Days Wild - so on some occasions we can fill both out in the same day (yay). It looks like good well being family fun and I cannot wait to have a go.

Nature Projects

Ideas to get you started.

As I keep saying I really do believe nature can help mend us.  So I love all this kind of thing anyway but since it is Mental Health Awareness week 10th-16th May and they have chosen NATURE as this years theme I thought I would put some ideas and tips up of things that could help us all.

30 Days Wild information pack

30 Days Wild with the Wildlife Trust - JUNE.

Apply for a pack or download and print it out.

365 days wild book

Go Wild 365 days a year.

self isolating bird club logo

#wildlifefromyourwindow began when Lizzie Guntrip started the #wildlifefromyourwindow as she suffers from Myalgic Encephomyelytis.  This was to help those who had disabilties or conditions which prevented you from getting outside with nature.  Lizzie began watching out of her window and observed what she could see and there you have it #wildlifefromyourwindow was born. 

During the initial lockdown Chris Packham decided to use social media to engage people with nature to help people whilst they were confined in their homes.  This became The Self Isolating Bird Club (SIBC) on Facebook.  Daily live streams, with lots of different guests and knowledge flowing through each stream.  This is when Lizzie Guntrip was on doing her thing.  Fantastic stuff, I personally do not know what I would have done without the SIBC and all those fab guests.  It is so worth joining the Facebook group and watching all the broadcasts.  Amazing is the easiest way of saying what I think of it.  Huge success meant it is still on to this day but sadly not monday to friday now as they are busy people with their own lives.  The book Back to Nature stemmed from this which was written by Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin.  I am half way through this book at the moment and loving it.  I managed to get it for £10, result.

Well Being Activity

This is something that can work for some people.  It will not take too long and you just may get some suprising results.

Get a pen and paper.

Write down 10 things that you DO LOVE about YOU.

This works great is you use sticky notes or tape.  Then put them in a place you are most likely to go in your house in the morning so you can see them.

Leave them up a while and see of it helps you.


Why not do it for others in your household, get them to do it for you and especially for your children if you have any.

Imagine how nice it would be as a child to see 10 awesome things about you that your parents/carers thinks about you.

It is a simple exercise and it may just help and if it does not no harm done.

If you use this method and it works let me know as I am looking for people to do guest blogs about things they have tried and what results they have had.

So please send me an email if you want to do a guest blog: x