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menstrual cup

Sea and Flo

Menstrual Cup

So the menstrual cup was news to me until about four years ago.  Yet they have been becoming more popular from the 1980's.  The first menstrual cup was invented by an American actor, Leona Chalmers, who patented her runner cup in 1937. 

I have used a cup for the last four years and to be honest the cup I had did the job but the little pull part to help you remove it was not the best, could be a bit tricky.  So as I felt I should replace my cup and had a look around and decided to go with Sea and Flo's cup.  What made me try this company was the fact that there is so much information on their site which is very clear and easy to understand.  The cup itself is very well made and also the tip that you pull to help get the cup out had a bulb on the end and I knew this would make it way easier than my current cup which has a tiny little nib on the end.  

The other difference is the material, this cup is more flexible and softer than my older one, so, so easy to use.  


Also this company sell their cups with a little zip pouch to store it in and the whole product looks pristene and is very well made. 

Take a look at their website, the reviews speak for themselves. 

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