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Relax... easy right?!

Do you ever truly relax? Do you know how to relax? How often do you relax? Do you find it easy? This may seem like a silly question but think about it for a moment. When did you last honestly truly relax? On those rare occassions which I find happen by accident rather than planned that I do actually relax, I think 'wow relaxing is actually really quite nice and refreshing.' After this rare moment I promised myself that I will do this on a regular basis. I then would have a think about it and even order anything that is needed for this supposed planned regular relaxing I am about to take on... Two years, yes two years later I find myself saying 'I am going to do that, just haven't had a chance' blah, blah, blah.. My best example was nagging my fiance to decorate our family bathroom a certain way, hang up the plants and all the other faff I wanted. I put it off after this as I NEEDED a specific £25 bath pillow in order to achieve this relaxation I longed for. So I get the pillow, then it was 'oh candles', then it was 'I need a good book', you can see where this is going right? Every excuse seemed to come along and yes it has taken me two years to actually do what I promised myself. I think a lot of us do this we say we will do it and then we NEVER relax and I truly think it is important for our mental health and well being. The stupid and maybe sad part of this is the reason I am now regulary doing this relaxing thing I promised myself all that time ago, I am awaiting some results from my rheumatologist but in the mean time they are suspecting I also have a frozen shoulder, which is so bad now it is affecting my whole arm and neck. I am in that much pain I got some epsom salts and now sink myself into a bath a few times a week for over an hour and read that good book. Apart from the agony I am in I am loving lighting those candles, putting my oil burner on, using that bath pillow and most definetly reading the good book. Reading is also something I have been promising myself I will get back too for years, the kids have been the best excuse I have had for this. Who else does this? Admitting I am making excuses to look after myself is the only reason I am now doing some of the things I have been promising myself for years. Maybe it is also my age but I am realising that me telling not asking the family that I am going for a long bath is ok and not something to feel guilty about. After all if I have had some time to relax and ease some of my pain then I am going to be in a better mood and therefore better company and mum. Self care is important and it is also very much ok to do what is needed to take care of yourself. An example of this is during one of my epic baths I could hear chaos and shouting going on downstairs with the kids and my fiance. My instinct was get out the bath and sort it out, just as I was dragging myself out of the bath with my one good arm it hit me... The world is not going to end if they carry on chaotically for a bit until dad can figure out how he is going to sort it out. Admittedly my reading and relaxing was not really happening at this point but my shoulder was very grateful for that warm water and salts. So do you know what I stayed in my bath and about five or so minutes later peace had resumed downstairs and I could RELAX once more. PLEASE MAKE TIME FOR SELF CARE. Take control of your well being x

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