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Spring clean our mind...

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Here in the UK spring is approaching which is great news. People can start going outside more often getting that much needed fresh air and vitamin d. This time of year a lot of people get the urge to spring clean their homes and gardens as it makes them feel better as they look forward to the longer and warmer days.

This is great but I feel we need to also SPRING CLEAN our minds as much as possible. A clean house is only good if your happy whilst you are sitting in it. Easier said than done I know, but hey it has to be worth a try doesn't it?

For me time and life experience is what has enabled me to try not to sweat the small stuff and keep calm as possible during the big stuff. When something comes along that is not very nice the old me would have gotten over emotional, sad, mad and likely into a shouting match. This just resulted in tears, bad memories and many a sleepless night. Not to mention generally not resolving the problem that caused all the mayhem. I also find an enraged or devastated mind does not tend to think rationally and this can mean things being said that cannot always be unsaid (BANG more bad memories).

If a situation comes up now and I feel that horrible brewing feeling inside that will cause arguments or upset, I take myself to another room and think about the truly bad times I have been through, the people that I have lost and the things I wish I had or had not done in the past. Usually by the time I process this I have calmed down and realised that the thing that started me brewing is actually not a very big deal. Once I have got to this frame of mind and then go and TALK civilly to the person I need to and just discuss the matter and deal with it peacefully. I would say almost every time I have dealt with situations in this way it is resolved quicker, easier and more amicably. This is no lie I am telling you, I have not had hardly any arguments since I began dealing with things in this way. I have two children and our eldest is almost nine, he has heard ONE argument (which freaked him right out) The decade before we had children and were just a couple going out a lot and on holiday we had many an argument and I don't mind saying that they got way out of hand and ridiculous!! Although we got on top of things before we had the children, which is why we felt we could bring children up well, I think that children give you extra pause for thought. Before you blow your stack you have it in your head that there are two innocent children in the house to consider. Equally if anyone has brought any negative bother to my home they simple get removed! TAXI!!

Another saying I have is 'don't wait for someone to be on their deathbed to show or tell them how you feel' - This happens way too often....

Time for a good SPRING CLEAN....


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