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Let's talk PAIN...

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

For those of us out there that suffer with many conditions that cause CHRONIC PAIN you know all about this already. However those around us generally cannot understand just what this is and how bad it can feel as we have become master of disguise. We actually FAKE seeming well not FAKE the illnesses themselves... Right? So now let's talk pain!

The frustration and sadness that comes with this can cause a great deal of stress and as us warriors know stress really is not a good companion with these conditions. The speed of acceleration of our pain and discomfort when we are stressed is way more than any Formula One race... One minute doing okish and BOOM utterly destroyed.

CHRONIC and it's meaning:

Persistent, longlasting, long term, incurable and well bloody annoying!

It is impossible for a person who does not suffer with chronic pain to fully understand what we are going through and hey this is perfectly ok and acceptable. What is not acceptable is not giving a damn and not taking it seriously and supporting you. Sadly I hear often how people are not supported by their loved ones and 'FRIENDS'...

As long as those you have in your life are trying to learn and understand and be as supportive as they can then great, you are one of the lucky ones.

Our habitual friend PAIN is the closest to us and so be with me be with my PAIN too. We come as a pair and you have to accept us both or not at all. You cannot just have the easy and good parts of me, life does not work out well that way. My deep rooted and going nowhere friend will not be leaving me so I can turn back into who I was before, that person has gone and this is the new me. Yes this new me has an unabating guest but this has made me a strong, more appreciative person and has changed my entire outlook on life. The appreciation for life is amazing, I now know who my 'ACTUAL FRIENDS' are and will have these beautiful people around me for life.

As this part of me is unyielding life has to change, yes I am not happy about this change that has been forced on me rather than it be a decision I wanted, yes I will get down and struggle with this stubborn intruder BUT it is done and now a new way of life will begin. I hope to have a fulfilling life and be able to achieve the goals I set out but I have to live in the now and do what is best for my health. We will get to our goals it will just be on a different route than you originally set out. Letting go of this is key to accepting the changes ahead, dwelling on the 'could haves' will cause you way too much stress and exacerbate your symptoms and a vicious cycle begins.

CHRONIC PAIN is kind of like your new boss! This boss is tenacious and willing to get his job done. We assess his work each day and decide from this what we can achieve, if we go against this then we get a disciplinary called PAYBACK.... This is a punishment nobody wants but there are times when we just do it anyway knowing what is to come. We are only human and as humans we all push ourselves too much.

CHRONIC PAIN = PAIN 24 hrs a day

CHRONIC PAIN = Exhausting

CHRONIC PAIN = Saying 'NO' a lot.

CHRONIC PAIN = Limitation

CHRONIC PAIN = Frustration

CHRONIC PAIN = Guilty feelings


CHRONIC PAIN = Isolation

CHRONIC PAIN = Being judged

CHRONIC PAIN = Justifying our existence

CHRONIC PAIN = Accepting help

CHRONIC PAIN = Giving up things you loved

CHRONIC PAIN = Keeping healthy is hard work

CHRONIC PAIN = Mood altering constantly



The changes are happening so adapting is key to a well balanced mental health and well being. Reach out for support, it is ok to ask for help. I know this is a biggy too, one I have taken quite some years to get to grips with and I am still learning to get better at.

Gentle hugs

Tracey x

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