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Tell me something your good at....

I want to try a little something that I hope can help you see that you have worth and can achieve things that you want to do. Firstly: Tell me something you are good at. Secondly: Why do you do this? Thirdly: Does this improve your mood when you do it? Lastly: Think about a time when you last did it and how it made you feel. Now make a plan, right now, not later, NOW for when you will do this again. I will go first: I am good ( I almost wrote I THINK I am ) then I thought NO I AM GOOD AT IT. I am good at writting poetry. I do this because I love to write about things I find interesting like wildlife. When I write a poem and read it back I think 'Did I write that?' and then I feel proud of myself then get it down on computer, save a copy and then make sure I have written the date on it. I like to look back to see when I wrote something and see the changes over the years in my writing. It always puts a nice fuzzy feeling in my head that there are things I can do and I am good at. My plan is - I will write a poem TONIGHT once the kiddies go to bed about another animal I love. I will type it up and share it with you all. Now it is your turn.....

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