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Hydra (a serpent like monster with many heads)

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

This title (Hydra a serpent like monster with many heads) has to be the most accurate description of how a lot of people are probably feeling right now. It certainly is how I feel right now, and this many heads is not a comfortable fit. I cannot pull off a hat a the best of times so this just will not work! I thought I was the only one turning into a mummy monster until I said it to a couple of friends with the feeling of dread that I had said it out loud. To my surprise they came straight back with a supportive comment and the admission that they too are turning into mummy and daddy monsters. I felt relieved and on we chatted, on messenger of course, hey no energy left to talk after a day shouting supporting commands at the kids all day!

So I bravely went a step further and admitted I even called one of my children a dick head! I am still deeply ashamed of this and I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth in reference to one of my children... Damn you Covid 19, you have made me swear more in the last year than I have the rest of my lifetime. My many heads now include, teacher, mum, snack slave, cleaner (DEEP CLEAN), referee, job and a fiance. All of which, are lets just say not going to plan despite my renewed fresh attitude each morning that is destroyed by 10am along with being able to see the living room carpet! The film Groundhog Dog springs to mind. The winter lock down is way harder to handle than the spring/summer one, I now realise just how crucial the change in seasons is.

I am a wildlife and nature geek anyway and always have been. However, the one thing lock down the first time around allowed me was to spend time in nature as I often didn't get the chance. I loved it, the kids loved playing in the garden until 7pm, all nice and tired and ready for bed. Bliss. As time pressed on the interaction with wildlife and nature became a lifesaver. Lightened all our moods and made being in each others company all day and night actually so nice and initially loved the lock down. During this lock down though things are very different and now I have several heads, bad language, sadness, anxiety, frustration and everyone being over emotional and bad tempered! The signs of spring are coming and already the optimism is rising and bug hotels and nesting boxes have been bought!!

I await the better times with eager anticipation. Do you??

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

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