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Back to school, annnnd breathe...

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

So the children are really going back to school, annnnd breathe... BUT for how long? keeps whizzing around in my mind. I am not fully convinced on them going back yet as I keep wondering when they do is the amount of infected people going to start rising again? Which will inevitably mean we would be going back into another lock down. I do not think anyone wants that to happen, the problem is we are really looking forward to places slowly opening up and although hesitant, we are I think going with the reopening of places sooner then we think we should because of our sanity levels decreasing on a daily basis...

Mixed emotions about the whole thing. Like all things I guess, there are pros and cons to everything! The enormity of the consequences for this is what make it so mentally torturous and damn frightening. I found out yesterday that a person in my street has died of covid-19 whilst working away, he leaves behind a wife and two young sons. Incredibly sad news and I cannot for a second imagine what that family and many others like them are going through. I just wish people would pay attention and take this seriously, I have been shocked at the amount of people I have seen paying little attention to the safety measures and even more so those who think it is not real!

On Monday I will be sending my two children to school with anxiety, guilt, trepidation and mostly worry. Many questions going around in my head, I am sat here now still thinking 'should I be sending them in?' WE both agree to sending them in, this is important, if you do not agree then I think this could cause some serious problems potentially down the line. The ways that we will feel better are we will all benefit from not falling over each other all day every day, the children will be getting a more fulfilled interaction with other people, fresh air, our brains will have some different things to do, our brains will get to rest from some of the tensions that have come with all being trapped in for months on end but most of all I feel we will begin to smile once again and for extended periods of time. Spring is almost here and that will be a lot of people's best friend right now.

The down side, there always seems to be a down side doesn't there?? Worrying one of you will get infected. All we can do is keep as safe as we can and hope the light at the end of this tunnel just keeps getting brighter.

I will breathe a big huge breath on Monday for the break I will have from a super busy house. Then once again when the children get home from school, and again at bedtime. It has been so hard not really getting much time at all for me in pretty much a year and it has been a hard year for many personal reasons on top of covid-19. Although I know I am aloud to feel I am due some me time, it always comes with pangs of guilt, but I am hoping we all take something from these unprecedented times, to live life to its fullest. If I don't make changes now, I never will. I think this will apply to many people... Let us all learn to breathe and let go of the tension little by little. Good times are coming....

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

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