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Worrying what others think..

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Worrying what others think.. way too much time and stress is spent on this suring our lives.

Who else has got too used to wearing lounge clothes??? Hahahaha So back to the school run in two weeks, the question is will my clothes fit? Aaaaaaarrrggggghh! Everything will feel tight just from wearing baggy clothing and slippers for months on end. Don't get me started on hair, and there are no hair dressers open for another six weeks after the schools open and then you will be lucky to get an appointment. Think an emergency box dye will be getting bought and out will come out the make up bag again.

Funny how different we feel when the world is going to see you. Suddenly we feel the need to faff about putting on make up, doing our hair and worrying what we will wear. My guess is it is a confidence thing, like a layer between us and the world. Makes us feel like we are able to hide in plain site and choose what we want people to see.

A week to go and already feeling anxious about how I will look to the world on the 'school playground' especially with the current situation of ages since a hairdresser or beauticians has been open! Gulp! Then I think this is bloody ridiculous and if people were not so obsessed with all this then anxiety would certainly be some what reduced. I am not saying we should not try to look after ourselves but maybe just not get so worked up about it and let it rule how good or bad our day is going to be. Especially right now when no one has had any of the luxuries they were once used to having every month or so.

I say this knowing that I will no doubt be fussing about trying to look like I have got it together. One thing is for sure the nice weather brings more stress regarding this matter, warmer weather means more flesh exposure! Which in turn leads to more time spent getting ready and getting to what we deem an acceptable state for the said exposure.

For me I have to say that the older I am getting the more I can rationalise this and I would for sure say having the two children has helped for sure. The funny thing is now I am older and the easier I am on myself, I think if only my younger self felt this way and I would have had a much easier time. Instead I tried to hide what I now see as a killer body that I would have for a short time in my life. Hahahahaha I think back to my lack of confidence and self esteem and how much it controlled me and see how stupid I was. Sadly I think this is the case for many young people.

So nowadays it is more how not to look like I have just rolled out of a bin and if I can achieve that then the day has started well!

Fingers crossed for us all that we can fit into something ready for the dreaded school run and the new queuing systems in place to maintain some social distance. Hoping no one has a knickers tucked in their skirt moment, undies hanging out the leg of your trousers or something as equally as embarrassing.

May you all have a seamless day.....

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

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