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Homeschooling hell is over...

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

NEWS FLASH - schools reopening on March 8TH!!! Hoemschooling hell is over..

Well at least that is the latest information. So how is everyone feeling about it??

On one hand retiring from teaching will be a blessing and I WILL NOT miss it one bit, on the other hand I am unsure if I feel it is too soon and risky. I really hope this current plan doesn't end up putting everything back again at some point and entering yet another lock down later in the year! The guilt and relief at the same time is a weird feeling, as I guess this is not a situation any of us ever thought we would be in. Saying it out loud is strange even now, we are in a pandemic! This feels more strange today as I was doing some history homework with my eight year old today and the Black Death was mentioned and how is was the second pandemic etc.... but this was in 1938-39!!! We are now 2021..... just leave that with you a second...

My 3 year old daughter was allowed back to school this week just for Monday and Tuesday. Although I was hesitant about it she is really suffering with the lack of social interaction over the past year, reception class starts in September this year so this is vital for her progression and confidence. In just two mornings she has had a great time and the difference in her mood is unbelievable. The teachers said she has been having a great time but not wanting to come in from play time, cannot blame her though, must be very exciting for her. It has just confirmed for me the importance of our children having time out of the home and some kind of social structure in their lives.

My son keeps saying he doesn't want to go back to school but his day to day mood, cheekiness and enthusiasm tell me different. I think he is just in a rut with how things have been over the past few months. The HUGE plus is that spring is around the corner and this alone will help SO many people. I noticed just last night that it was 5:30pm and it was still reasonably light out. The birds are starting to sing earlier in the morning which is a beautiful sound and tells us that the better weather and days are on there way.

So to sum up, I will happily pass the teaching baton back to its rightful owner and I think our children should get us all end of teaching gifts for putting up with their not so good versions of themselves and causing mummy and daddy monsters to emerge... hahahahahahaha.

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

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