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Anxiety coping statements - Do you find these work?

Anxiety can be so all consuming and can really impact on your daily life. I see so many people with various levels of anxiety including myself. Everyone needs self care and making some time for you is beneficial to you and those around you. DO NOT feel bag for making some time for yourself. These statements are meant to be able to help you control your anxiety and keep you balanced. Statements: THIS IS A FALSE ALARM - I AM SAFE. I HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE AND I WAS OK. I DON'T NEED TO FOCUS ON THIS FEELING - FIX IT OR TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT. REMEMBER TO BREATH DEEPLY. I AM OKAY AND I WILL BE OK. Have you tried this and do you find it helps you? Please let me know your thoughts about this and the results you have gotten. A 3 minute breathing space meditation: 1) Attend to what is. First step invites attending to your experience, acknowledging it without the need to want to change it. 2) Focus on the breath. Second step narrows the field of your attention to one aimed focus. Focus on the breath in you take. 3) Attend to the body. Third step widen your attention again now and include the body as a whole. I am going to start this and see how I get on. Please let me know how you get on?

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