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An idea I had this morning, and it worked!!

When I got up today I had a busy mind, a very busy mind, an over thinking sort of mind and an over thinking mind can often lead to not so great outcomes. The thoughts I had which involved someone in my family and were utterly valid, that I know, however the problem was that I was unable to discuss this due to school runs, work and general life getting in the way. I could tell that if I didn't sort out these feelings and would not be able to deal with them until later in the day I was going to have a really crappy day! It was stewing and stewing, so I thought I know what I could try, since I have no one to talk to what I could do is write it down like a letter to the person I needed to speak to and maybe it will get it off my chest and then I will feel ok. Not only did it work but I ended up having a good day, good mood and rather than me blurting out my words in a not so happy annoyed way I now feel so much clamer that I will just simply have a conversation about how I am feeling. Which is beneficial to everyone involved. Avoiding any arguments and speaking in a controlled manor and hopefully it will mean a positive result. I am just wondering if this would work in other situations, like feelings you have when someone has passed, or you lose contact, or simply lose a friendship etc.... I am not saying it will fix anything but I think it will certainly calm the fires of our emotions down in order for us to communicate our feelings more effectivly. If you try this let me know if it works for you or not. I would love to hear what happened. I wish people still wrote letters like they used too. There is something special about the written letter x

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