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The sun has got his hat on.

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Here in the UK the sun has got his hat on we finally have some sunshine and a slight easing of lockdown rules. Although still a lot of people to be vaccinated including me and mine. This means for us we are pretty much going to carry on as we were before the easing of the lockdown.

Is anyone else feeling quite scared still and unsure of how they feel about all this?

I am still of the mind that we could and probably should have not eased things just yet. The nice weather arrives, you open up the beer gardens and bam, way more people start mixing and spreading. People have been locked in for so long and then next thing you are out at the pub, enjoying it soooo much and then you end up very drunk and I think very unlikely to stick by what rules are currently still in place....

I am not saying everyone would do this but I fear that enough people would to cause problems and I don't know about you but I would rather just get the job done than go into another lock down. What do you think? Do you think more people are now suffering with anxiety? What do you think would help with your anxiety?

I am loving the better weather so we can all get back out into the garden and start enjoying the wildlife and get that wonderful vitamin D and begin to feel mentally better off and hopeful. This better weather sadly also means people are itching to get out and then get very tempted to just go out and think I will chance it. We have gone this far so lets just hang in a bit longer and get more people vaccinated and safer!!

The one great thing with the change of season here in the UK will relieve a lot of people's stress levels as they can begin to get some fresh air, walks, seeing other people out and about, enjoy the wildlife and feel the warm of the sun on their faces. Get those endorphines whirling about and helping our moods improve. Check on on one another, a message can really lift someone during a low moment, send a letter, flowers, just showing someone your in their thoughts can make a huge difference. These simple thiings that take really not much effort can impact so positively on another persons life. Imagine you are alone, not heard from anyone in a while, then think what would make me feel better right now? what would make me feel part of the world? what would make me want to get up in the morning and live my best life? Simply looking at things from anothers perspective can make you relise what simple things can do and hey maybe if change your own behaviours you can become an even better person for it.

Remember these things:

NOONE is perfect.

WE ALL can do better.

COMPROMISE is not the same as giving in or giving control.

EVERYONE can make a difference.

IT IS OK to say yes and no.

TRUE FRIENDS will not judge you.

YOU CAN be selfless and selfish.

EVERYONE is WRONG and RIGHT sometimes. It is ok to be WRONG, as long as you have learnt from it!

This one is one of the key ones to remember: THE GRASS IS NOT GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE - things are not always as they seem (social media is an example of this)

When things get us mad, wind us up or upset us. Go to another space, give yourself a few mintues to calm down a bit. Then think about the things or people that are now missing from your life, or some hard times that you may have been through. When I do this it usually ends up me realising the thing that was upsetting me or winding me up is not really that big of a deal and certainly not worth a whole load of arguments and upset and the loss of a day. So what I end up doing after this process is going and TALKING to that person and tell them calmly what bothered me. Generally this ends up with the person having a good understanding of you and the issue, an apology, then getting on enjoying the day. I SWEAR BY THIS METHOD - Give it a try... see what happens.

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

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