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How has the past year changed you?

Oh what a year it has been eh?? Unexpected, sudden, scary and life altering to name but a few words that come to mind when I think about the past twelve months. A year has passed us by and most likely one of the hardest times in a lot of peoples lives, dare we say things may beginning to look up finally or is it still too soon? I am in the UK so I can only really give my opinion on things here, feel free to chip in about your own experiences from where you live. In the UK the pubs have started opening and people are even sitting outside in the wind and rain having a drink just because they can! Personally, I am not in that much of a hurry to have a social drink that I want to sit in a storm just to go the pub. The pubs re-opening worries me due to the excitement people will be feeling when they are finally out out, when the alcohol flows and the emotions kick in that people will not be so careful. Just got to hope the vaccines are going to do well enough to keep some control over this beast. There have been so many people with mental health issues who have really had a tough time this past year and sadly I think the impact of this past year will be felt for some time yet. I also think that the lockdowns have also highlighted to some that didn't think they suffered with any mental health problems that in fact they do! How many relationships have you seen breakdown this past year? Whilst we have all been locked in I worry to for the younger generation as they use social media a lot and as we hear all too often this can be used to cyber bully, trolling and just generally seeing 'the perfect' life that they do not have. Hearing that children under ten years old are suffering from depression, anxiety and having awful experiences fill my heart with dread. Your childhood is short enough as it is, I think it should be the most magical time in your life, sadly this is often not the case for many. I have only scratched the surface here I know, but I wanted to ask, what positive changes or experiences have resulted from the past year. Gotta find some good in what has been a tragic time right? I can only speak for myself and my family, please share your thoughts on what you have gained from this unpresidented time. Some things that I hope have changed for the better are our appreciation for one another, how important our family and friends are to us. Not just whislt we are in this but from now on, make a change that will continue as a new tradition. For me and so many others I have found solice and positivity in nature and truly believe it can help mend us and play a key role in keeping us more balanced. In turn I hope that we relise that we need to take better care of our planet and the nature that supports it and us. I have always thought that it is the simple things that make such an impact on our lives and the past year has cemented that for sure now. You can make a huge difference in someones life by doing a simple act. So my family for one will appreciate the things or places we go to even more now than we did before. People have lost so much or have had their lives changed forever so now is the time we all need to wake up and take better care of ourselves and each other. What have you taken from this past year and how has it changed you for the better?? Thanks for listening. Talking matters.

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