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You cannot fix those who are not ready to be fixed...

Have you ever thought you can help fix someone? Has someone ever tried to fix you? What happened? Did it work? I feel that it is human nature to want to care and help each other when we are in need. In many situations this is great and we all like to help people and appreciate being helped. However when it comes to the mind I think a lot of us need to be on board and ready for that kind of help. If your in a place in your head and you cannot cope with what may be needed then it is very likely that not much will work or at least not work in the long term. For me I had to accept all the changes and I fought against them to my detriment and just ended up worse off and then it took longer for me to get there. I have no idea how long this went on as I just felt so seperate and blurry every day unable to digest what was happening. I distracted myself with the kids pretending everything was ok and I could carry on as always. There is only so long that this could go on before I just literally could not prop myself up for much longer and I had to start processing what was happening. I really then began grieving for what was my life before this all hit. My career was one of the hardest things to lose as I went back to college to do my GCSE's at the age of twenty-one which then led to being able to go to University to get my Diploma to be an Operating Department Practitioner. This was many years of full time study whilst working full time, to say it was a hard slog is an understatement. I had worked so hard and I was so proud of what I had achieved that I just could not handle the loss of it all. Fast forward a few very tough years and I slowly began to accept it all and then try to figure out what I could do to help contribute to the house once again, make me and my family proud but something that would not continue to worsen my health. Many ideas came and went as I discovered that there was not much I could do and along with this came darkness, anger and sadness. The determined side of me began rising up and I decided it was time to take back control of my life and to accept help when it is offered! BIG LEARNING CURVE. So the first lockdown began and so to did a terminal diagnosis for my Dad, utterly devastated. I needed to be busy and stay up beat as the kids were now being home schooled and I didn't want them to see the horrors that were unfolding. From this I finally got out the sewing machine I had asked for my previous birthday. A new love was born and it soon became a good therapy for me, and it still is to this day, I love it. After losing Dad I kept on sewing and sewing, now I have an Etsy shop reopened and I am starting to get some sales and good feedback. It really is a good confidence boost and I will continue with my shop for as long as I can. Always niggling the back of my mind is working in healthcare, I have been through a lot in my forty odd years and learned a lot on the way. I feel I am learning more and more all the time and I really want to try and help as many people as I possibly can. SO this is why this website and blog has been set up. Let's get talking, sharing, helping and spreading awareness of how vital it is for us to maintain a good balance with our mental health and well being. I hope to find out more and help more people as time goes on hopefully with some help along the way from like minded people. A big part of this is our connection with nature and how it can benefit us but also how we can all help look after the very thing that can contribute so much to our well being. Today was a big deal as I have decided to go back to do some studying but something that suits my pace. I sent in the application so now I just have to wait and see. So keep your fingers crossed for me. It is a course based around Mental Health as I want to get as much information as I can so I can help the best I can. I look forward to speaking with you xx

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