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The Theif

Do you have a theif too?

Do they steal from you more and more?

Regardless of if it is your mental health and wellbeing or physical issues we each have a theif in our midst...

I think my theif has been reoffending for years with no sign of improved behaviour!!!

Over time many, many things have been stolen and the bigger the list gets the more I get so angry at that no good thief and just wish they weould stop stealing. However sadly I think we will be forever together for the rest of my days.

I HATE that it has stolen a part of my children's Mother.

I HATE that is has stolen my social life for the most part.

I HATE that it has stolen so, so many friends.

I HATE really hate that it has stolen my hard earned for career.

I HATE that it has stolen my ability to enjoy and keep fit like I used too.

I HATE that mentally and physically my ability to enjoy passion are on two different paths.

I HATE that you are the third person in my realtionship.

What I FEAR is at 42 years old you have so much more time to steal from me and I am scared what I will end up left with!!

I FEAR losing my independance completely.

I FEAR my children will feel less and less supoported.

I FEAR being left alone by my partner.

I FEAR that each time you take from me I will lose more and more of myself to you.

BUT I have to accept you or you will win and ruin all that can be good in my life...

Anyone else have a thief?

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

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