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The perfect time!

Is there such a thing as the perfect time?

Personally I do not think there is and with everything in this life there is no such thing as perfect. No ideal time or setting that make things happen better, I think a lot of us delay things we want to do waiting for this moment when it will be best to do it.

We spend so much of our time manipulating our lives to try and get everything to fit a certain way, before we suddenly relise that so much time has passed and on occassion it can sadly mean what you wanted to do can no longer be done.

I don't think there is an ideal time that we can schedule things to get the most benefit, I think thinking this way must cause some stress, more so if things do not go to your plan. Now being organised is one thing and I am a list maker myself but I have learned the hard way that you cannot force things to happen or always be in charge of when.

I am a believer in things happen for a reason, good or bad!! Well I try my best but I also say 'seriously how much more bad luck can one person get, I thought I had gotten it all now!'...

There is only so much you can do to control all aspects of what is going on in your life, sometimes we have to accept things are out of our control. Have you heard the saying 'let the chips fall where they may'? Would we be better off if we behaved more like this? What do you think?

Control is a BIG thing and this can also contribute to unbalanced mental health - the power to influence or direct people's behaviour or the course of events.

Often losing control and things not being as 'perfect' as you had planned can highten your stress levels due to the high expectations you had in your mind. Maybe we should plan less, go with the flow, lessen our stress levels and even if it still isn't quite what you expected you will be armed to deal with it better as you won't be so tightly wound up in controls grip.

The idea of PERFECTION is unrealistic as in my opinion it does not exist and if we seek perfection then I feel we are just set up to fail and that PERFECT time will be missed along with your desires and opportunities. If we get a sudden situation forced on to us our survival mode will kick in and we cope, manage and deal with the situation, yet even though we do this many, many times in our lives we still don't use this ability elsewhere and instead plan out those impossible PERFECT scenarios!

What do you think?

Is there a perfect time?

Comment and let me know.

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

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Jun 16, 2021

You are always searching for that perfect time and place, but there is always something or someone in the way. We all do it to some extent in our lives. I am trying to find that perfect time in my life, more so since I lost my hubby, without him I feel empty, I don't have that perfect life without him. Here's hoping one day I will find my perfect place in life.

Jun 16, 2021
Replying to

This is a new stage in your life and you will step into it when you are ready for it. Losing a partner is one of the hardest things to get through but just remember he would want you happy and living x

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