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Overwhelmed by the day to day?

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the day to day?

Yes, there are just 24 hours in each day and if we have the pleasure at least 8 of those are for sleeping!!

I think a lot of us awake each morning thinking 'oh, I am going to get loads done today' only to find you are lucky if you get through a quarter of those things. The trick is to see that it is alright if you do not get as much done as you had originally planned and to look at the achievements of your day instead. Maybe think at the end of your day, are my family safe and healthy?, did we go hungry?, do we have a roof over our heads?, do we have a nice warm bed to sleep in? all of these GREAT things we can take for granted. As we know too well there are many out there without these luxuries and that is what these are... luxuries.

As a society we put way too much pressure on ourselves and compare our lives to others, or what we think others lives are. Things are not always as they seem remember!

At the end of the day instead of bashing ourselves for what we didn't do or finish how about patting yourself on the back for the things you did do or start doing! Our lives will not end because you didn't finish tidying up, do the dishes, get to the shop, forget to drop something off or post that letter or whatever was on your list for the day. I notice this stuff a lot now I have the children, school life sends parents crazy! It isn't going to ruin your child's education if they didn't get something in on time or forgot their PE kit, the teachers will not hate them and punish them for being over excited and getting distracted. If you have a busy day to day then do not sweat it if you cannot join in with this terms headteacher challenge, so what if other children do after school activities, not all children have the same interests. Nurture what they enjoy and just know they are happy, forcing them to go to dance, sports or a class they do not like will serve no purpose other than causing a lot of stress and a waste of money.

The one thing I think IS A MUST is that whatever you do manage to get done in one day just make sure you do something for yourself too. It is great to help others but don't you deserve to have or do something for you too??

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

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