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One night of 'normal' and suddenly no one believes you!

If you suffer from any mental health conditions or invisible illnesses and you have had to say 'NO' to so much as your just not able to do it right now, it's tough right?

Firstly it is hard to say no, then on that night you pine for what your probably missing out on, you feel guilty, you worry what people may think of you and on it goes.

Then there is the flip side you begin to really crave just 'ONE NIGHT OR BEING NORMAL'.

SO you make a kind of plan and save what you can of your energy and mental strength for the event. You actually go out, you kinda cope and yes you have enjoyed yourself, you go home and wake the next day and BOOOOOOM! you feel completely awful. This goes on for days and soon after you start wishing you had not gone out at all. This adds to your already low mood and has you hating this new life you did not ask for.

After this the worst part comes. The people you went out with had a great time and think wow you must be cured or you not that sick and so on. This is because they have not seen the preparation before hand and certainly not the aftermath of the event.

Now you feel like they probably don't believe you and once again more stress and low mood.

All you wanted was one night of normal, fun and excitement. Then the next night out comes way too soon and you say 'no!' Your friends are maybe thinking 'well they were fine the other weekend when we all went out'. You sense this and again your already weakened mood is stressing about what people are thinking.

Can you see this vicious cycle of events?

I know most of us have been there or maybe are there now.

My biggest advice is if this is happening think about if those are true, supportive friends. IF you find out people have been talking about you in a negative way after one normal night, then don't let their opinions count as these are not true friends.

A true friend will support you, enjoy the night, check on you afterwards and just be so glad that you managed to spend some good time together.

Quality over quantity every time.

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

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