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How are you feeling about the lockdown easing?

A year on how are we all feeling about the rules easing and restrictions being removed from the 17th May (UK)? I have to say I am nervous about it and cannot help feel it is too soon regardless of how much I would love for things to get back to some kind of normal. I think we should just wait it out a while longer and give more and more people the chance to be vaccinated and cut the risk down further. I heard about 'TEST' concerts being held in Liverpool! I am really unsure how I feel about that, I feel like it is a bit of an odd thing to do and just how they got people to do it! Would you take part in something like this? Suddenly people are going to be hugging and more places opening up and for me and my family we are going to sit back a while longer and carry on as we have been. I have to say I feel like we will end up in another lockdown and I would rather personally hang on a while longer and just get the job done. What are your thoughts on this? What do you think would be a good way of dealing with this? Since my two children went back to school four weeks ago a child in my sons class got a positive lateral flow test so his class was shutdown and back to working from home. The school advised a lab test to confirm and it came back negative!!! SO now I am thinking 'what bloody use are the lateral flow tests?' Are they in fact any good? Are we relying on them too much? Following this the class was reopened and back to school they went. I am not convinced we should be getting back to hugging and having lots more places opening up. This could just be down to anxiety but just have this niggle in my head that it is going to be a bad idea. Please let me know how you are feeling about the changes ahead. Thanks for reading x

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