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Did your relationships survive Covid-19?

How did the last year go for you and your close relastionships?? Are you and your family still in tact? Is your couple still a couple? The past twelve months most people have been in lockdown, I only say most as I know and have seen many an idiot flouting the rules and doing what the hell they want when they want. Now that is another conversation for another time.. Being stuck in each others company 24/7 day after day is tough on just about everyone and I think in some way or another we will have all had struggles with it. On tough days I try to remember that there are also a vast amount of people going through this ALONE. Now that has to be really tough for a high majority of people, stuck in all day every day with no company so nobody to talk things over with. So many different situations out there, so many struggles, so many possibilities and so many potential crisis moments happening. I live with my fiance and two children age nine and four. I will hands up say that the general impacts and then the home schooling did push me very close to breaking. I had major spinal surgery in early August 2020 (snook in between lockdowns) and this clearly impacted on the day to day quite majorily. In fact still getting help now with school runs etc... So very grateful as I really do not know what I would have done without the help. We all have our individual situations going on and have our own struggles. What we need to remember is that even when you see other situations people are in and you think wow they are suffering soooo much, I should not be complaining. STOP right there, STOP and allow yourself to deal with your situation, your situation is just as valid and important as the next person. There will always be others worse off than you sadly and we should not feel guilty for the feelings we have about our own situations. It is better that we deal with and process the situations that arise than try and brush them off as not valid because we know of something or someone suffering more. Letting things slide and sweeping them aside will usually result in a build up of feelings. Then what will usually happen is a small situation may occur but it will be that cherry on the cake and then BOOM! The feelings you didn't think you had the right to have come erupting up to the surface mixed in with a few other bits and bobs. In my experience this results in an over reaction to something that is not that big in itself but I have now made it into something very big, out of hand and caused way too much chaos. After this the clean up operation begins.... sometimes your not able to tidy everything up and there it is your life is now effected forever. So I really think that we should accept what we are going through as valid and do what we can to deal with the situation. We should reach out and ask for help, reach out and offer help, acknowledgment is the first step to getting through any situation. Use the helplines, websites, shelters, hostels etc... that are out there if you need them. It is not weak to ask for help in fact it is one of the strongest things you can do. Awareness is needed, so change is needed, let's get talking, changing views and spread any knowledge we have. HELP - Heal-Evolve-Learn-Peace

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