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Compromise is KEY...

The word 'compromise' - definition:

an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.

"eventually they reached a compromise"

the expedient acceptance of standards that are lower than is desirable. "sexism should be tackled without compromise"

settle a dispute by mutual concession.

"in the end we compromised and deferred the issue"

expediently accept standards that are lower than is desirable. "we were not prepared to compromise on safety"

This word is a big deal, I honestly feel that being able to compromise is the key to a fulfilled, happy and stress free life. I truly feel that if you are unable or unwilling to compromise you will get stuck and find progression very difficult in life. I think not being able to compromise is the quick sand of our mind.

No one person is perfect and no one person can have all things their way, life cannot function this way and remain stable and content. If your are a person who wants to have company or family then you must be able to compromise and see things from another point of view than yours. Even if your compromise is not one you are particularly over the moon about. Plus you never know something you thought you were not up for or may not like could result in you liking it and finding something new to enjoy. I feel it is good to discover new interests and try out something you never thought you would. For example I put off going abroad for years due to a fear of heights as I assumed that flying would be horrific and turns out I love it! Never something I thought I would say trust me. Now I have been abroad quite a lot and therefore it has not got in the way of my children going abroad and enjoying some of the many gorgeous places on this beautiful Earth.

I am not saying compromise alone will guarantee you the ideal life but I certainly believe it has a huge part to play. Closely followed by consideration, if you consider the consequences of what you are doing or saying before you say them this can also ensure a safer, simpler, easier and stress free passage through the day to day of our lives. I say all this with one BIG lesson I have learnt but one I am yet to master, I constantly try but I will be honest I find it difficult. DO NOT EXPECT OTHERS TO THINK THE WAY YOU DO...

This has caused me to have many sleepless, sad and hurt times in my life and unfortunately it continues to still get to me some times. I am really hoping this is something I can master and pass to my children so they can avoid the years of disappointment I have felt. Do not worry I know I cannot protect them from the world but I think this is a good life skill to have if I can possibly manage it. I will never be stop being what I feel is a very considerate person simply because others fail to do the same for me. I just have to accept that people are different and their reactions and responses to occurrences may not be the same as me, even though I am thinking 'how can they not see that this is hurtful?' etc... I am also acutely aware that somebody else may have the same thought of about me.

Remembering important events in other people's lives and checking in on them or dropping them a message to 'wish them luck' or 'hope it goes okay' and that sort of thing is a SIMPLE but MEANINGFUL gesture which can mean a huge amount to a person and I believe can help our mental health greatly for both parties.

So lets make an effort with the simple things that can make a huge difference.

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Sometimes I think people don’t consider what they are saying , often off the cuff and would be upset if they knew it hurt . I think we all get caught up in our own little life bubble and dramas too . Well I do anyway. Sometimes I analyse conversations agterw

ards and worry about how it might have been interpreted or how I didn’t say something that was important xx

Jun 19, 2021
Replying to

I agree with this, we all say the wrong thing at times not meaning to upset anyone and like you I think back over the conversations I have had and stress about things. Sadly we do have people in our lives that say things that hurt us because they are so absorbed in their world. Your like 'how can they not see that what they are saying is hurtful or selfish?' Usually the same person will do this on a regular basis oblivious to what is happening, it is hard to comprehend how this can happen but it is quite common. Just remember true friends support each other and know you. xxx

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