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Here at my little Eco Shop we are a small team who are committed to creating affordable plastic free alternatives. Our aim is to make eco products more mainstream and accessible to everyone no matter their budget. We don't believe in over priced products & excessive branding. We believe in minimalistic consumerism.

'We are small team based in Exeter, Devon, UK. We began MY LITTLE ECO SHOP in January 2020 with the purpose of bringing affordable eco-options to the market. When making the switch to eco products, we were shocked at the prices for sustainable products. We wanted to therefore create a shop that sourced the best eco products we could find that were affordable and minimalistic'

My Little Eco Shop also has a blog, care information and a loyalty scheme.

To join the loyalty scheme simply click on loyalty scheme and fill in the form, then go to your email and activate your account.  You will get 20% off your first order and earn points.

Products for you and your home whilst doing you part for the planet.  As well as that it will help take care of your wellbeing and mental health.

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