My independance - My something for me.

Welcome to my instagram account for my Etsy shop.

My therapy turned into my Etsy shop and has given me the independance I needed to then do my passion project of creating a mental health and well being blog.

This has been life changing for me and it has especially contributed to a better balance in my life and very much improved mental well being.

If you fancy a bit of retail therapy of all things made with fabric then please have a little nosey by clicking 'SHOP HERE' button below.  Thank you x

I also wanted to be able to show other people that you can get back some control and feel more positive about yourself.  If like me you make tons of excuses for how you have no time... then you MUST make time for YOU.  Make that time and DO NOT feel bad about it.  Everyone has the right to have time for themselves and it plays a huge role in our mental health and well being.  YOU CAN DO THIS - YOU DESERVE TO BE YOU TOO x